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As you may or may not know, recently we have changed a lot to do with redstone to make the server more efficient and lag free. Our changes are as follows:

1) A limit of 100 redstone dust may be placed per island
2) A limit of 100 redstone torches may be placed per island
3) If a redstone clock is going too fast, it will be automatically turned off to prevent lag.

I understand you may be worried about building automatic farms with only 100 redstone dust, but we've come up with solutions to combat this problem.

1) Redstone repeaters and comparators do not have a limit per island, this is because they do not cause as much lag as redstone dust. This means you can replace a lot of the redstone dust with repeaters. Examples are in the image below.

2) Redstone clocks can be replaced with hopper clocks. Please remember that hoppers transfer one stack of items at a time.
I'm glad to announce that kitpvp is now in beta during this phase we will be searching for bugs.
There is lots of kits to currently chose from more will be made in the future.
You can purchase kits using ingame money this can be earned by leveling up or killing other players!
For all you donators out there here is the options menu that allows you to have cool effects while pvping and also be able to walk on water!
See any sponges on the floor these are jump pads that make you go flying!
Your adventure begins here!
I'm proud to announce Skyblock season 2 has just begun!

The rewards for this season are as followed.

1st Place
$100 - PayPal Or Store Credit

2nd Place
$50 PayPal Or Store Credit

3rd Place
$30 Store Credit

Good Luck Warriors!

Hello everyone!

We're officially BACK! After a long 2 month break, we're back and ready to get rolling. The server is going to go into full swing again, for the last week or so we've been doing various bug fixes and small upgrades. We've setup a few youtubers and live streams, as well as many other advertising methods, so expect some more players!

It's good to be back.
- Plain
Hello, everyone!

We have just released SKYBLOCK! This has been an anticipated gamemode for some time now, and we are proud to have finally released it.

We are currently pushing out updates every few hours to fix bugs, and we're working on updates as we go.

If you've found any bugs, please message a staff member in game, and we'll do our best to fix it ASAP.

Greetings My People

Our special 30% EASTER Sale has just started, and will be ending soon!

Don't lose this chance to get your favorite rank for cheap!



We've just released our discord server! Feel free to join. Many people have already visited and our community is growing nicely. Talk live to other players without having to set up a private TeamSpeak or discord server.

Need a private room for your faction? Contact one of the staff members and we'll happily create one for you!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the overwhelming support on the opening of TheMcZone! It's truly appreciated and greatly motivates us to continue to bring more content to you guys. Thanks <3

DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/JeQJvGc
Welcome to TheMcZone!

We've just opened! Our current small team (@MouldyApple, @AmiT177 and I) have worked very hard in getting this server to release, and we're very excited to do so. We hope everyone has an amazing time on TheMcZone, and we will be constantly working to introduce new features to the server.

Thanks for checking us out!
- plaincamron666