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    1) Minecraft Username:
    ~ SadKay

    2) Discord username:
    ~ SadKay#7139

    3) Timezone / Country
    ~Greenwich Mean Time+2 (GMT+2)

    4) Age:
    ~ I'm 14 years old, I'm turning 15 in 4 months.

    5) What languages do you know:
    ~ I'm fluent in Greek and English.

    6) How active can you be on TheMcZone (please list the times you can be on every day)

    ~Monday: 6 hours

    ~Tuesday: 7 hours

    ~Wednesday: 6 hours

    ~Thursday: 7 hours

    ~Friday: 7 hours

    ~Saturday: 8 hours

    ~Sunday: 8 hours

    7) What's your current playtime on the server? You must have at least 5 hours playtime to apply:
    ~My current playtime is 10 days but its been frozen like this for 3 days now.

    8) Do you have any previous experience? If so, list it here:


    ~I used to be a moderator on Hyperdraft I had a total playtime of 40d.
    I started when the owner was looking for staff to help the server because some of the helpers started griefing and abusing their perks and the server was in a bad position. At the time there were no moderators and I didn't even apply knowing I had no chances. A teammate of mine applied for me after I helped him with some work,
    didn't realize until a week later when the owner said "Congratulations Lt_Anikkaz (my 2017 name) on Moderator!" On a broadcast, I was confused as I thought it was a TAB accident, turns out it wasn't and then everyone started being nice to me, a day passed and it made my day seeing people asking for me and after 3 months passed and I was still a moderator. I was on the server every day once I got to the moderator "job" I took it seriously, I was helping players and banning all of the players that we're cheating, From becoming a moderator I learnt about how people were playing and if they were cheating or legit but sometimes it was hard to tell and had to deal with screenshares. I was spending most of my time online helping people and it was enjoyable until my laptop got a problem and had to resign and I was really sad knowing that I couldn't do anything about it or fix the laptop.

    9) Why should we choose you over someone else?
    ~I have the capability to adapt and change to situations which makes me perfect to assume a role of a staff member as this would let me deal with any situations regarding players quickly and precisely, this would also let me see the point of view of both sides and would allow me to calm situations easier. Furthermore, I am capable of thinking of new and creative ideas that I think would be cool and would enhance player experience. Moreover, I have been in the McZone community for a long time and many players know me which makes me an approachable person and shows that I am dedicated to the McZone community. Also, I'd love to spend the time that I spent on HyperDraft as a moderator to the McZone.

    10) Anything else we should know: ~I'm making a folder about TheMcZone reports which all of the evidence that I have based on players hacking, exploiting, etc will go to unlisted videos which can only be seen through the public playlist. (I spent a lot of time writing this application. I hope I get the role! )
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